OAU FRESHERS👫 *ANTICIPATE!!*🔊 🔞 *THE OVERDOSE MASK PARTY* 🔞 🔊Freshers👫 get ready to be blown out of your minds!! 💯 It's not OverDose if it's just a film show, but when stepped down with a Mask Party⚠🤐 🔊All ye ladies💃🏼 that can slay anything......We are expecting you!!! 🔊All ye guys🚶🏽 that have swag in your blood.....We are expecting you too!!! Please Note❗Turndown whatever plans you have and Turnup for this event because it's going to be 101% Yuppy❗ 🔊Drinks🍸and kush🚬 Present❗ 🔊Slay Mommas Present❗🙌 🔊Swag Pappiis Present❗ 🙌 🔊You just have to be Present💯 We use this to welcome our Freshbloods into this great Citadel!! 🔊You made it❗❗ 🔊Let's celebrate❗❗👯 *The Freshers OverDose Mask Party* will blow your minds❗⚠❗ *Don't Dull*❗ *Come prepared*❗ Proudly sponsored by *SPOTLIGHT CROONERS ENTERTAINMENT* *OAU* For enquires📞 Call 08096028804 *Marshall black* on this one. Please Rebroadcast! !

Category: Party

Contact Email: [email protected]

Contact Phone: 08096028804

May 12, 2017 @ 08:00 PM to May 13, 2017 @ 06:00 AM



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