Virginity Day is an initiative of the Ministry that started 2011 with the mandate to have a sexually pure generation.

Over the 7years, we have used various methods such as road walks, conferences, secondary school and church outreaches, social media influencers as well as magazine publication to push this message to the teenagers and young adults, and so far we have had several teenagers across the world stand for sexual purity.

Its a message for both those who are virgins to stay as virgins till marriage and for those who are no longer virgins to choose to stay sexually pure. We hold this yearly event second week of June.

                                                                   ORGANIZERMINE TEENAGE MINISTRY

                                                                     Organizer of World Virginity Day 2018

We are a teenage ministry devoted to Raising Teenagers to be just like Jesus in word and Deed. John 14:12


To, by the help of the Holy Spirit, save and equip 1 in 20 teenagers across the world, equipping him/her to be able to save and equip the other 19 To achieve this, we

1. Yearly increase the distribution of Mine Magazine (a free magazine for teenages) within Nigeria, then to other nations

2. Hold regular outreaches/forums within and outside Nigeria

3. Conduct regular Bible studies and prayer times to build up the teenagers

4. Organise extensive personal (one-on-one) evangelism

5. Reach out to less privileged teenagers across the world with food, clothes, education, healthcare, counselling and THE GOSPEL

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Contact Email: [email protected]

Contact Phone:

June 09, 2018 @ 09:00 AM to June 09, 2018 @ 03:00 PM

Lagos University of Lagos, indoor sport complex Lagos, LA


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