Getting financial sponsorship for your event is difficult. Says who?...

"Discover How you too Can Get the Big Brands and Top Companies Beg to Sponsor your Event"

Finally! A PROVEN way for ANYBODY (with no experience) to host any event and make money with it from SPONSORSHIP.. and with this PROVEN system, you can get started after reading this.

The secret information you are about to discover can be used to get sponsorship for any type of events including...


ConventionsExpositionsSporting events

Arts/Entertainment SpectacularsCharity Benefits

CarnivalTalent showConcertsFun fair

Workshops, Trainings and SeminarsComedy Shows

Religious gatheringAwards...And Much More

This same blueprint is what every popular events you know use in getting financial sponsorship for their events

Here’s Exactly What You’ll learn by attending this event

  • The full story of how I was able to get sponsors (N100 million) for my past events and the strategies I still use till date.

  • Sponsorship secrets companies want you to know before approaching them. When I discovered these secrets, I began getting instant approval to my sponsorship request.

  • How to Position your event to attract sponsors naturally and get them beg you to sponsor your event.

  • How to plan and co-ordinate your event without an event planner. Event planner dont want you to know these secrets!

  • How to get great Speakers/Facilitators/ and Event Venue for free (or at a highly subsidized price)

  • Easy, fast and effortless ways to Get Sponsorships for your Event

  • Overcome hurdles you'll find when attempting to get sponsorships and how to leap those hurdles like you are a gold medal sprinter at the Olympics!

  • Where to get sponsorship for your event today without hassle. (This is a jealously guarded secret!)

  • The Sponsorship Categories and what to charge each sponsors.

  • The type of sponsors you should partner with. Not all sponsors are good for you!

  • How to pull massive crowd to your event whether it's a free or paid event and what to charge.

  • How to Get Media Attention for your Event. Here you will discover how to get the newspapers, TVs and Radio stations promote and cover your event for free

  • And much, much more!

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April 28, 2018 @ 10:00 AM to April 28, 2018 @ 05:00 PM

Lagos chamber of commerce, Ikeja Lagos, LA 23401


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