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What our users say...

For me, being able to add promoters for my event was a relieve, thank you for the platform
Kolade Adereti Student, LASU Lagos
I never knew Buying tickets online can be this easy. Thanks you for the platform, tiqeta
Ayeni Adeniyi Student, FUTA Akure

Why Choose Us

Here is a couple of reasons to use us today

Simple Setup

Everything you need to get your event tickets sales started is by filling a single form. No complexities involved whatsoever.


You can request to withdrawal your ticket sales at any day, any time, we won't stress you over your money.

Competitive Promoter commission

Our promoter commissionis the lowest you can get anywhere! With just 9.99% + 0.00 Naira on paid events. It is also totally free on free events.

Promoters Management

Hire and/or add promoters to your events and get it on the lips of all. We also help with paying them directly.

Event Audit

We provide detailed auditing for your event ticket sales, so you can plan your event accurately without stress

SMS Integration

Send SMS messages to all your event attendees with a single click right from your event panel, reaching out has never been easier.